House Wiring Electrical Course

House Wiring Electrical Course

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This course will not qualify you to practice as an electrician but will give you a good grounding in household electricity. I would still recommend that you call a qualified electrician to do your repairs.

    Course Material 
    1. Understanding Electricity
    2. Ohms Law and Resistance of Materials
    3. Power
    4. Series Circuits
    5. Parallel Circuits
    6. Alternating Current and Direct Current Generation
    7. Electrical Testers and Meters
    8. Wiring of a Distribution Board (DB).
    9. Distribution Board Wiring Demonstration
    10. Wiring a Stove Circuit
    11. Wiring a Geyser circuit
    12. Plug Circuits
    13. Wiring a 3 Pin Plug
    14. Lights, Fittings and Colour of Light
    15. Light Circuits on same Circuit Breaker
    16. 2 Way Switching
    17. Intermediate Switching
    18. Day Night Switching
    19. Dimming Lights
    20. LED Strip Light
    21. 24 Hour Timer
    22. Connecting and Understanding a Contactor_Relay
    23. 3 Heat Stove Switch (Rotary Switch)
    24. Conduit work
    25. Earthing
    26. Fault Finding Theory
    27. Fault Finding Practical

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